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admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result.The University of Dhaka is dedicated to the advancement of learning and is committed to promote research in all fields of knowledge. admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result. New research projects are undertaken every year. Six half-yearly English journals and one ten-monthly Bengali journal are published by six faculties regularly. Ten more research journals are published by individual departments. admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result.

Application Begins On:12/09/2013
Applications Closes On:30/09/2013
GHA Unit Admission Test01/11/2013
KHA Unit Admission Test08/11/2013
GA Unit Admission Test15/11/2013
KA Unit Admission Test22/11/2013
CHA Unit Admission Test23/11/2013

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result. University of Dhaka is one of the leading research institutes in Bangladesh, research in Bangladesh is dominated by two institutes: the University of Dhaka and the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR,B) publishing 18% and 17% of all Bangladesh's publications, respectively. 

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result. Most importantly, the University’s research enterprise is devoted to the search for knowledge and truth that upholds the University’s commitment to education. This combination of activities strengthens the University’s mission of service resulting in the continued improvement of quality of life for the citizens of Bangladesh & the rest of the world.

The University of Dhaka entered into more than 90 International Collaboration Programmes with renowned Universities and Institutes of different countries of the world.

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result

Trusts, Foundations and Scholarship Programmes
The University contains about 220 Trusts and Foundations offering scholarships and medals to meritorious students of the University. Besides, a large number of scholarships are also offered by the University, Dhaka University Alumni Association and the Government.
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Halls of Residence
A dormitory is called a Hall in the university. Students admitted to the Departments and Institutes of the University have either to reside in or be attached to a hall of residence. The University has thirteen halls of residence and two hostels for male students; and four halls of residence and one hostel for female students. The administration of a hall is headed by a Provost who is assisted by a number of House Tutors and Assistant House Tutors while the administration of a hostel is controlled by a Warden assisted by Assistant Warden(s).
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The University Library, housed in three separate buildings, is the biggest in Bangladesh. The Library holds a collection of more than 617,000 volumes, including bound volumes of periodicals. In addition, it has a collection of over 30,000 manuscripts on various languages and a large number of microfilms, microfiche and CDs. It subscribes to over 300 current foreign journals.
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Health Services: The University of Dhaka Medical Centre
The Medical Centre of the University of Dhaka, located near the Science Annex Building, offers free medical service and free pathological examinations to students, teachers and staffs of the University and also family members of the teachers and staffs. The Centre provides service round the clock, seven days a week, with 30 doctors working in different shifts. The Centre also has dental unit, eye unit, x-ray department and two ambulances. The Centre has in its premises arrangement for 30 bed accommodation so that students suffering from such contagious diseases as chicken pox, mumps, etc. may be taken care of in isolation.
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Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired Students
A Resource Center for the Visually Impaired Students has been established in the Dhaka University Central Library under the joint collaboration of the University of Dhaka and an international organization, called Sight-savers. The Centre contains modern library facilities for the visually impaired students of the University.

Student Counseling and Guidance
The students Counselling and Guidance Service is an integral part of the academic programmes of students of the teaching Departments and Institutes of the University. It aims at helping students to adjust to campus life, effectively pursue curricular as well as co-curricular activities, develop their abilities for making wise choices and plans, and solve individual problems through counseling. For details click here

Sports and Extracurricular Activities
The University of Dhaka organizes sports and other extracurricular and recreational activities. The Office of the Director of Physical Education provides three types of programmes:
Compulsory Physical Education,
Certificate Course in coaching major games and sports, and
Intramural and Extramural programmes.
The University of Dhaka Ground is the official stadium of the University of Dhaka. It hosts many inter-collegiate sports tournaments at inter-city, provincial and national levels. For details click here

Intramural and Extramural Programme (Games and Sports)
The Directorate also organizes and conducts interdepartment and inter-hall tournaments, individual hall athletics, Dhaka University athletics, and Inter- University games and sports. University students participate in national championships in different games and sports for which prior training and coaching are offered.

There are some cafeterias in the camus of University of Dhaka. Some of them are historically important.The Madhur Canteen is not only a cafeteria, but also a place of historical interest of Bangladesh. For details click here

University of Dhaka has transport services for students. Though the number of the bus is not enough for the vast student community it is a great facility for the students. The bus schedule for different parts of the city can be found in the bus depot. The service is always available even on university holidays, to help those students who come to university for library or teacher's coucil. For details click here

admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result
admission.univdhaka.edu 2013-14 Dhaka University Result